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Dirk BrünsickeDirk Brünsicke

I recently discovered that i take great joy in walking and climbing up-hill. For me, this comes as a surprise as i grew up in the northern of Germany, which is basically flat land.

Whenever i experienced mountains or hills, except that they look good, i was not very intrigued by them or wanted to climb them.

But since i have been on vacation in the Oberallgäu, close to the Alps i started getting on top of the Tegelberg.

This the the look down at the camp almost from top, looking north.

This is the view into south, you can see the mountain formation of the alps.

This is the view from top, if you pick the ropeway.

It certainly sparked interest so i extended that into another mission. After attending the SmashingConf in Freiburg i took the opportunity to climb on a mountain called Schauinsland.

When we got closer to the top, we literally passed the by the clouds and were not only surrounded but completely covered by the clouds. It was a magical and exciting moment to realize that. Temperature dropped at least by 10 degrees celsius within a short amount of time.

This is a view from a third to the top, still below the clouds.

Here we entered the area right into the clouds.

Here, you can see, that we could not actually "schauinsland" as the clouds covered our sight.

Because it was a stiff climb and took more time than expected, we happily used the lift to get down again. We left the clouds with mixed feelings but enjoyed the trip.

The lift Schauinslandbahn is the longest in Germany and is quite speedy (4m per second) with a very small gondola. That was fun.

Overall it took 6 hours to get from bottom to top, and down again using this lift.