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on talking

in the last couple of days i talk to a lot of people. The more people i meet, the more i talk. Obviously. But this is a proliferating pattern. The more things you articulate, the more verbose you get. From time to time, though, it is a good thing to take a verbosity rest. Speak less and focus on your thoughts. If you say or write words th…

Dirk BrünsickeDirk Brünsicke

on getting better

I always felt like doing what i did was not enough. It is not, that i did not like, what i did. I just thought i could have been better. As i entered the open source community many years ago, i talked to so many people and read so many code before i even started to contribute just one line of code on my own. I felt much better to understa…

Dirk BrünsickeDirk Brünsicke

on asking questions

It is a good thing to ask questions. I always do that. If i want to understand something, i ask questions about it. Like children who try to grasp their environment. You should never stop to ask questions. Experience will help you to form the most relevant questions to you. 5-times why To get to the essence of something, just ask "why" 5…

Dirk BrünsickeDirk Brünsicke

on time and happiness

Learn more how to master your time and stay happy doing so. speed vs. quality one of the most obvious facts today is, that speed increased dramatically. That holds not only true for the computers you work with but your daily schedule as well. To find a break and re-gain some time is often a hard task. Even more so, if your job requires yo…

Dirk BrünsickeDirk Brünsicke